Hummmmm ... My English must be too narrow, because I don't understand the meaning of "release" in this case. If it means the beginning of selling, then there's something I missed ...--Kirochi 13:39, 29 Jan 2006 (EST)

Release in this case is a software industry term meaning "release to the public". Since there are no expansions yet, this means World of Warcraft 1.0. --Fandyllic 11:08 AM PST 29 Jan 2006

Oooooooh sorry just saw the date of the post =P Thank you anyway (-;--Kirochi 14:35, 29 Jan 2006 (EST)

When, oh when?

Blizz needs to bump this up on their "to do" list. I have been happily waiting for it since I heard of its possibility. Has there been any more discussion on this as of late? --Kungfurabbit 22:59, 21 February 2007 (EST)

Player-based discussion continues Edit

I've said in other places, this has become one of my favorite topics. I am been searching for discussion on the issue of Player/Guild Housing for months. Here's a list of what I've found

  • Guild/Player Housing (GH and PH) should be instanced to avoid urban sprawl
  • Instanced Housing should be anchored within the major cities.
  • Instanced Housing should not duplicate the services that a major city provides.
  • The acquisition of housing should not be based on money. Instead a series of quests to turn in raw materials for the construction of your house or guild hall.
  • Blizz should turn over some of the building construction tools over to the players, so that they can customize and build buildings of their own design. Blizz could study how the players use their tools and research which are popular, then use this information for future expansion work.
  • GH could become the basis for Guild vs Guild PVP. Guild Halls could be augmented with defensive structures and weapons. A Storm/Defend the Castle PVP could be constructed, or Capture the Flag (where finding out where the flag is becomes part of the challenge)
  • The professions could benefit greatly from new recipes at all skill levels. GH and PH provides an opportunity for the developers to do this. Things like draw bridges, decorative armor for Man-of-Arms, drapes, banners, runners, potions of throw into fountains, enchanted chandeliers, etc. could be added into the game specifically for Housing and for making the profession leveling easier. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Cosmic (talkcontr).

Hey mate, please tag your posts on discussion pages.
Good list there though, pretty much sums out what I think about the matter as well. I really hope they'll implement this soon, as it really is a prominent feature, although I fear that it won't be introduced with WotLK.
One thing in specific that I'd like to see would be decoration based on various accomplishments people within your guild have achieved. For instance, when the guild reaches say, 100k honourable kills altogether since it was founded, that would unlock a specific banner or battle standard to put for display. Same thing goes for PvE progression - Putting the remains of various bosses for display on your walls, setting up a shiny set of Justicar armour when a paladin has acquired all five parts of it, etc. and etc.
I realise this would make certain problems. For instance, it could be hard to track a guild's actual progression due to raidgroups. Taking myself as an example, my guild is a social guild, and I raid with a raidgroup and have acquired full T4 with them. So, should my guild be allowed to put a set of T4 armour and say, the head of Magtheridon for display in the guild hall just because I have that PvE progression?
I think that in the end, there'd have to be at least two categories of accomplishments - one based on guild-only achievements (where everyone involved are guild members), and individual accomplishments, which are things that guild members have achieved with people that aren't members of the guild.
Anyway, just a little attempt to keep this discussion alive before I head to bed, forgive me if what I wrote made little sense, but I'm tired at the moment :). --Throrion 19:04, 28 January 2008 (UTC)

This is slightly off-topic but still related, why not create a sort of Hall Of Heroics. For example, you have Talons from the Dragons of Nightmare or some other boss posted on a wall and you can interact with it much as you can the fossils in the explorers league at Ironforge (it would tell you about the item/boss but also the first 3 guilds of your faction that downed the boss, and if your guild got them maybe add it at the bottom with the date, using phasing) The use of phasing could also restrict which items you see (if for some reason Bliz only wanted you to see the ones you got yourself)
As for the Guild Housing, a feature could be added where as a guild is given control of a tower/stronghold in a contested area also in the area would be other towers from both yours and other factions (horde, scourge, whatever other ones) The mechanics behind it being similar to those found in AoC's PvP/Siege combat
Of course the question arrises where could these fortresses be located, well I think that blizzard could incorporate them in the speculated southern continent/islands [1] To give a boost to guild made town/forts there could be aged ruins there that could be build on at a reduced cost of time and rescources (I would find it perfect if there were only 2 bliz made towns, 1 per faction, and the others are ruins or fort occupied by a dummy faction (who'se only purpose is to beat so that players can conquer their first fort) that guilds could restore and decide if the town is to be faction-aligned or neutral. Though at this point I'm getting ahead of myself as most of these things would be too hard to implement eficiently... (Jonyb222 (talk) 15:54, 27 November 2008 (UTC))

Coat of Arms =/= Suit of armor standing up like a guard Edit

This might be a nitpick, but a Coat of Arms is *NOT* a suit of armor. I didn't change it, but I'm guessing the original author was thinking about the latter since that's the type of thing a blacksmith would create (a Coat-of-Arms would likely be created by a scribe or artist). --Dfscott 20:27, 23 April 2008 (UTC)

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