Another alternate composition

It seems that this instance isn't quite as unforgiving as it was before - today did it with holy paladin/prot warrior/arcane mage (me)/affliction warlock/balance druid, with the balance druid never shifting out of moonkin to heal - because he didn't need to.

We put the Warlock on adds as my spec doesn't lend very well to it, and although he had some mana efficiency issues he dealt with them very well. Adds seem to aggro on DoT application, and go down very fast with fear + DoTs.

Between myself and the moonkin on the rift lords/keepers, we hammered them down VERY quickly with minimal aggro issues (the new thunderclap change appears to have helped quite a bit, my tank was very pleased with it). Deja was a joke and went down very fast.

Temporus went down fairly fast with myself spellstealing Hasten, he often would let his own debuff stack run out because of his lack of attack speed. We burned one beacon halfway through on adds, didn't need a second as the warlock maintained control on them as well.

With 4 beacons left and the new beacon change, everything from there to Aeonus was trivialized completely. Beacon on waves 14/15/16/17 made it take a ridiculously short amount of time.

Aeonus himself was further trivialized by the paladin resisting his time stop once and bubbling out of the second, as well as myself blinking out to continue DPS, with all of us at a sufficient range to ignore Sand Breath even with him pointed at us.

All in all the beacon change hardly changes a thing (and IMO makes it easier to get through the rest, and more fun), you could even use one on Deja's adds to bring him down even quicker, as well as a second on Temporus' adds and still have two left over for tight points or the last two waves if you so desire.

Melee + hunter strat

My group consisted of 2 feral druids (myself included), 1 resto druid, 1 arms warrior, and 1 hunter. It took 3 or 4 tries to get it down, but by the end it turned out to be an ideal group. Here is the strat we came up with:

For the elite pulls, both druids were in bear form in mostly dps gear (I had about 1500 ap with pots and about 14-15k armor vs my normal 22k). The warrior was also in full dps gear. The other feral druid began each wave by engaging the elite by the portal, with the warrior assisting.

I waited between the portal and Medivh to catch any adds headed for him. Be sure to note that I had to deal damage to aggro the adds. Feral faerie fire and Demoralizing roar did not work to stop them. Neither did growl. The first add is always a single, so I built some rage on him and kept enough to swipe. Since swipe hits 3 targets, it is ideal for hitting all 3 whelps that come at once. With an Idol of Brutality the swipes ranged from 200 base to over 500 crits and killed the whelps quickly. The process was repeated for all the adds up until the first boss.

On the first boss we more or less ignored the adds. I switched from stopping adds to tanking the boss and the other druid went cat for dps. The hunter tagged adds and helped dps the boss. After the first boss was down the shield was at 100%.

The same process was repeated for the second set of waves. On the casters I used bash when I could. On the boss both druids were in bear form. In this fight I made sure to hold down dps and threat since the second boss cannot be taunted. When the other druid stole aggro and my debuff was gone I unloaded on mauls and mangles until I had aggro and repeated the cycle until he was dead. On the second boss, the hunter was full dps on the boss so adds were attacking the shield. When we rounded the adds up and killed them the shield was at 71%.

On this particular run, one of our members forgot to get a new Chrono-beacon. We killed the first of the waves as normal and then each of the gates after that before the boss, we set a beacon at the elite's feet for an easy finish. The last boss was by far the easiest. I just turned him away from the party and the shield and everyone all-out dpsed while the resto druid kept me topped off with HoTs for when we were paralyzed.

Merge with Black Morass

This is actually the quest name, the instance name is Black Morass... either a merge and redirect, or a tidy up with the quest objectives. --Psyker7 09:01, 18 February 2007 (EST)

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