This is completely wrong for paladins. I was just on my paladin when i noticed the wording of the talent then came here to see what people thought to find this is totally wrong. The paladin talen says "Increases all damage you deal when a one-handed weapon is equipped by 1/2/3/4/5%" I do not know how to edit this plage sufficiently to make it warrior specific and create a new page for the paladin version. But believe this must be correctly quickly. Benser

  • O.K, so, I created 2 new pages, a warrior and paladin specific page for this talent, using what this page used to look like as a template. Then updated all the pages that link to the warrior/paladin specific talent, updated the paladin talent on the paladin page and finally changed this page into a redirect page for the classes specific talents. Pro's feel free to undo and correct as you wish.Benser
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