How appropriate that it gives 666 armor and it's a warlock set.-kongurous

If I'm not mistaken, all tier 2 cloth armor has 666 armor. But I could be mistaken. -Domovoi

Yeah, all T2 armor adds 666 AC. :D --

At first I didn't like the way this set looked, Esp. the hat. I though my Felheart horns looked better on my orc female because it showed off her pigtails. I planed to hide the helm when I got it. Well, I got the Nemmy Hat yesterday, and it was my first piece of Tier 2 (off ony).

Well, I was suprised at how good it looks on me... It looks so creepy to have my whole face covered and the green fire. The horns on it and the fangs in the front are so cool. So yeah, I am showing it.

I passed on Nemmy pants off Rag though... I don't want to break my 5 piece set bonus, I'm soul-link.

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