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The strategy for this takes place in an open, infinite, area, where optimal kiting is allowed. Of course, this is far off from reality. Many classes can, and will, block your line of sight with them, forcing you to get up close with them. A hunter is not going to be able to start many matches at the full 41 yards. A good rogue will use Cloak of Shadows to get the jump on you if you Flare Camp, and there is little advise after that point as to how to kill them. It's really just waiting for death, and hoping.

Warriors will force you into melee. You will not be able to kite a good warrior around all day. Druids should be watched. If they try to Lifebloom themselves, it's advised you hold off on Arcane shot. This will trigger its end effect, a significant heal. Against treants, you need to drop a frost trap and get range.

Druids are easy to force oom. If they're in moonkin, put Viper Sting on them. Either way, they'll lose a significant amount of mana. A feral druid will likely try to shift out if you try to cast fear beasts on them.

A good paladin will dispel your stings. Some will bubble and force you into melee range. Saving your Arcane Shot for when they try to blessing of freedom themselves is a good idea.

Shaman you will not be able to outlast. Viper Sting will be countered by cleanse poison, and if they are getting low on mana, Water Shield will help them back up.

Poor how to kill a mage advice

In my opinion you can't kill any half way decent mage with that advice. Do not try to melee a mage. Are they serious? Hunters do far less damage close range than mages do. Any mage with half a brain will be so happy to see a hunter try that. Hell most can Arcane explosion you and your pet to death. The rest of the advice was try to trap the mage and aimed shot them. Yeah effective except that a frost mage will wait until you wind it up and then ice block, while every other mage will trinket out of it. Any don't lay a trap by an ice blocked mage, 90% of the time they will blink right over it.

How to kill a Shaman, notes from Kevalan

Notes: Obviously you have not fought many shamans in 1v1 pvp combat. With equel gear, a hunter will lose -every- time. You forget that with a two handed weapon, shaman can deal almost as much meelee damage as a warrior, with shocks, they can use flame shock witch does not have DR and they can switch them out with each other. They can also use Frost Weapon, for the proc slowing effect, witch is diffrent then the frost shock proc. You also forgot that they can drop a mana tide totem halfway through the fight for 200+ mana every 5 seconds for 30 seconds. That compleately restores their mana pool. They can also insta-heal, witch (because of the low int requirement for a spell crit chance) has a high chance to crit, while useing mana stream for the required mana, a shaman can easley outlast a hunter's mana, in witch case all a shaman has to do is use his teir +damage/healing gear to own you with casting spells (witch do more dps then auto shot). Shaman are some of the most formidable classes in PvP for any class. Please do not underestimate them, you will die.--Kevalan, moved by K ) (talk)

That Seemed Biased Enough, No? You cant say that ANY Shaman can kill ANY hunter. Why? Because everybody plays diffrently. I (When I go to BG's, as a good example) Have And Can Take down an equal leveled Shaman, Although it does bring up quite a difficulty. (Actually, Shammys are the worst class against me). But Back on topic, it depends on the player. I've seen some people who couldnt play any class to save thier lives, and I've seen people who can own anything And/Or Everything that comes thier way, no matter what class it is. It really depends on the players Skill, Thier character Build, and thier tactics. Daragoth 08:52, 17 January 2007 (EST)

How to guess what spec the hunter is

Very simple, if the hunters pet and the hunter turn red then your fighting a beastmaster, DO NOT use any form of CC as this will just be a massive waste of time, attack the hunter and as soon as the wrath wears off drop whatever CC you have on the pet (frost nova, earthbind totem, hibernate, fear, etc) as doing this will reduce a major part of the hunters dps.

If you suddenly fall asleep then you are fighting a survivalist hunter, while survivalist hunters can do decent damage in close range they will prefer to stand at range like most other hunters, be wary of traps here as (unless this is a hunter new to pvp) he will have speced to increase the time of his traps, the damage they do and how many snakes are summoned (if its a snake trap drop an aoe as the poisons the snake packs are not friendly), also if you break a freeze trap from this spec do not think you have won, survivalist hunters will use rediness to instantly cooldown their traps in an emergency and you could end up being hit by another wryen sting. Watching someone having enough time to bandage is not fun when your fighting them.

If you lose a massive ammount of health at the start then you are facing a markman, get into the hunters deadzone and nuke him as hard as you can, if you are a melee class then you will most likely get wing clipped, to avoid this disarm the hunter, yes thats right disarm him or slow him down as this will negate his kiting abilities, also beware of traps, while not as good as a survivalist letting this hunter get to range is unpleasent as he will most likely aimed shot you (for the cloth wearers out there heres the math... aimed shot + crit + clothie = VERY high damage), just remember get in close and throw the kitchen sink at them ^.^


I know there's a lot of material in WoWWiki that requires some serious updates, but this article, as many others, is kinda weird. Patch changes are mentioned, but one can still read the useless advice from previous patches. Why not just remove all of it, and leave just the updated info?

I agree, part of this article reads like a forum discussion threat. Old and new patches are mentioned, but rarely specified. Outdated information is not corrected, but new information more or less randomly added. I'm not an end game PvP expert, so I could remove all the outdated information, but couldn't really add new tactics, leaving the page more or less empty ;) Reeina (talk) 22:56, 29 January 2009 (UTC)

Section Rehaul

I'm starting a huge rehaul of all the PvP class page sections here starting from hunters. Much of this information is very outdated, and none of it addresses the most important aspect of PvP there is: Arena. From here on in it'll be a discussion of how each hunter skill can be applied in the Arena, talent builds, team matrices hunters work well in, a hunter's strengths and weaknesses as well as some how-to videos. There will also be discussion on how to beat other popular team matrices (Rogue-Mage-Priest, Rogue-Warrior-Druid, mirror match, etc), and what you should be doing and how you should be supported. Discussions of how each hunter race can utilize their racials will also be seen here.

Please keep things NPOV. No lamenting here, self pity or accusations of ezmode. --- Zexx 01:17, 9 March 2008 (UTC)

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