Did a minor edit before going to sleep. Guide part about mounts should be updated to 3.2.0, but there might be slight cost differences. As I said, minor edit before going to sleep. Arthin.


Thanks for the heads up on the 90 gold. Completely forgot that it was affected by the honored discount. I made it more integral to the guide.

Also, you get a 10g discount with Sergeant. Perhaps this should be added to the article? --Jeoh 11:35, 28 Jan 2006 (EST)

"* If you're a first-time player, never, ever buy blue or purple gear under any circumstances."

This statement is absurd. What if you find the blue or purple item dirt cheap? I have. I've resold them, too. Wasn't that the point of "When you have saved around 5Gold (and you will quickly, due to having taken gathering professions), you can start investing. Buy cheap items on the AH and then re-list them for a profit. Only buy and sell what you know, and test your theories in small quantities."? ... so much for "under any circumstances".

Madkaugh 01:35, 17 April 2008 (UTC)


"A comment on this method; if you offered this to me, that would be the last thing I'd ever hear from you. There's an ignore list for a reason, and I have little patience with other folks scheming drama. Do I have any reason to trust you and to expect you to deliver? You are just annoying me. (You know that out of all the folks that read this method and actually try it, some of those are going to go the 'stiff the customer' route, it's a given, right? Well, there you go ...)"

Whoever wrote this is an ass. For one, immediately ignoring someone is rude. Also, this random insertion of one cynic's opinion badly affects the neutrality of the subsection. I think this whole paragraph can be scrapped, and a small note that some people are skeptical can be added to the first paragraph. -- Kam, in Shu'halo (no wiki account) ~1 AM June 10, 2008


Added pickpocketing mobs and selling items from lockboxes to the lockpicking section.

Article Restructure

There is a lot of good information in this article, but it really needs a rewrite to eliminate bias, use neutral point of view, and use outside references to back up the points beyond personal experience.

I started things off with a rewrite of the lead paragraph. I would like to take a crack at making this article more useful, a little bit at a time. I tried to make the future structure of the article clear for future work. If anyone has additional information from what is already listed here, please leave some comments for me Zulwiga (talk) 18:58, January 11, 2010 (UTC)

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