How can Jin'do be considered a gear check? The boss defeats the raid through mind control and the shades killing healers, not by killing the tank. I've been in a group of mostly tier-2 geared players who could not beat Jin'do due to their refusal to implement the correct strategy, and in a group of mostly blue geared players who beat Jin'do easily, because we used a correct strategy. Thekal or Hakkar could either be considered a gear check in ZG.

Jin'do is the "first boss" before you start going for the aspects of Hakkar. Gear check bosses don't necessarily mean it's an easy boss but it's to make sure your group is ready for what lies ahead. Another good example would be the fire elemental boss in UBRS (forgot name).

This would be a great page to expand into known gear checks - so if you think you're doing the boss right, but still can't get it down, you could look here and go 'oh - gear check!' KelvinFrost 09:51, 2 May 2007 (EDT)