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An important note on the guards: Whenever a guard is killed, Garr grows a little stronger. In order to make the fight as easy as possible only half of the guards should be killed before taking down Garr.

<question: Why not keep all 8 of then tanked/banished to make Garr as easy as possible? Why 4? Why not 6 or 2?>

We did this by taking 4 Warlocks with us that took care of keeping half the guards banned all the time. Meanwhile our 5 Tanks took care of Garr and the other 4 guards. We determined a Tank order beforehand and then killed the add tanked by the weakest warrior first, the one tanked by the second weakest warrior next, and so on. We put only one healer on each of the add-tanks, since they died quite fast. A single druid is easily capable of keeping the first tank alive if the dps is concentrated on his/her guard. Once a guard is down, the tank and its healer help downing the next guard. Once the 4 tanked guards are down, the DPS is directed onto Garr who was tanked by the toughest tank and more than one healer. When Garr's life is going low he will use a special trick to free the remaining 4 guards from banishment. The warlocks have to be on their toes to banish them again. Once Garr is down, the remaining guards are easily taken care of. --DSitC 16:34, 16 Aug 2005 (EDT)

The most problematic part of this fight, by far, is the targetting. Because Garr does a little dance with his 8 adds, it is very difficult to arrange for everyone to have a unique target. There are mods to facilitate this targetting - a commonly used one is GarrTarget. - With the new raid target icons this is made much, much simpler. Addons are no longer necessary.

This pull differs from all other pulls in that we typically have voidwalkers initiate the pull and drag their adds back to their warlocks at the same time that a paladin or hunter is pulling Garr back to the MT. This creates a uniquely chaotic mass of rock elementals and marshmellow men, but since adopting this strategy, we find Garr to be much more simple.

A Note for Priests: Typically, I take all DPS classes off of my emergency healing monitor. This is because I find that they are either taking damage from being in range of an exploding add (not smart) or from pulling aggro away from one of the OTs (worse). They aren't a priority in this fight. OTs must stay up, as well as the Warlocks banishing (if one of them dies, it's gg very quick).

It seems possible to get adds too far from Garr. They gain "seperation Anxiety" and be come immune to banish and hit for 5500+ insta killing their warlocks

Strategy 2 is not what I call a strategy. You need at least a quite overequipped Tank. Its like saying: Get al Lv 60 to pull you through as a Deadmines strategy. Or showing a Shadowpriest tank Garr and say it is a strategy. I think it should be removed from the Article. Also the explosion of the adds when they die is not shown in the Video. Bringing them down with AE will blow them up all at once. This strategy is only adviseable if the tank and anyone near likes repairkosts or has exceptional high fireresist.

It's a strategy if it's complete, as this is not. Exactly how much health and armour should the tank have? How much healing-per-second should you have, and for how long must your raid be able to sustain this? I concur with the above poster.

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