There are two difficult situations here, that is first the pull and second when an offtank taunts the wing buffet. When the wing buffet is taunted and Firemaw kicks the Offtank away (if this happens with your setup), Firemaw will change its position and chase the Offtank. If your MT does not taunt him back in time, he will get ported to Firemaw and out of LoS to the healers. Be aware, the MT should forsee and announce such a situation so that healers can react properly.--Thundor 17:23, 16 August 2006 (EDT)

We experienced the same problem yesterday night - I usually OT him in the opposite direction of the tank, get swung away, Firemaw flies back to MT and everything is back as normal. But another OT after my death choose a different position, and after being thrown away by the Wing Buffet he ended up behind the Alchemy thing on the right of the room. Apparently Firemaw can fly but cannot jump (meh), so he turned around the tables to catch up with him... then the Taunt debuff expired and he re-aggroed the main tank. So what happened? Tank was not in LoS with him because of the alchemy tables now between the two... and he teleported the MT to him, 12-15 meters away from the healing spot! (read: wipe) So be careful when you OT him, if you fly behind the table there's a small chance this fact alone can wipe the raid (VERY rare for us though, happened only one time in one evening of tries were all OTs kept flying away).

Another problem arises if the direct line between Firemaw and MT is not perpendicular to the wall the MT is standing in front of. Because if the MT catches a Wing Buffet (can happen if OT's taunt get resisted), he will fly a little sideway, potentially going out of healing range (if you ever ended up in the corner between the door to Broodlord and the column, you know what I mean). What's worst, is that Firemaw will follow you, and will not go back even if you move back to the original position. So you need a clever offtank to re-position Firemaw a bit, before the MT will Taunt him again. A solution is put the MT perpedincular to both the wall and Firemaw, or putting him in the smaller corner near the gateway column, from where he will not be moved by Wing Buffet and will _still_ be able to receive healing. Or just hope the position change of Firemaw will not affect healers and simply move MT back. --Herbrand 07:52, 21 November 2006 (EST)

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