Debate over whether Dungeon Set 2 is Casual

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(Edit): I disagree with this line of thought. While the 45-minute Baron run is difficult, it is certainly doable if one prepares enough ahead of time for it. This involves farming consumables like Stratholme Holy Water in mass quantities, as well as an ample supply of Dark Runes or Demonic Runes along with healing/mana potions that should be consumed nearly every time the cooldown is up. Whipper Root Tubers, food buffs, and elixirs also help these quests out immensely. Honestly, you can find a PuG that will do this if you are on during peak server hours, so this should definitely fall under the realm of casual friendly.

(Edit to Edit): While it is not hardcore, it is definitely hard to get a successful group, and this is by far the most difficult part of the chain. Not neccesarily because of the fact that you have to do it in 45 mins, but because you have to find a group that is willing to sacrifice 1 1/2 hours of their playing time for something they don't need to do. Because if you have a group that needs the DROPS from baron, then you are too badly geared. Later, you must kill Lord Valthalak, and some think that that is hard, but that only steals 10 mins from the rest of the group, 20 if you whipe.

Way out of date

This page is way out of date. I won't bother to wikify it. Though it is worth keeping as a record of some old stuff. WakemanCK 08:37, 25 March 2008 (UTC)

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