Can anyone explain the usage of the ectoplasmic distiller, and explain how the 8 goblin rocket fuel you recieve originally can "fuel" it enough to collect 36 total ectoplasms?

The ectoplasmic distiller runs off one tank of goblin rocket fuel for several minutes, so you should pull the mobs into its radius. I should add that you will be very lucky if 8 loads of fuel are enough, especially in EPL where the mobs are more spread out.

Is it possible to finish the second part (Belt & Gloves) and trade in the belt without having the gloves? --No. You have to have both pieces of the set in order to turn them in for the upgrade.

For someone more daring than I, most of the quests in the chain are available here. Have at it :)

For what it's worth it took me the original 8 rocket fuels plus 6 more to complete the quest. As someone else mentioned, the banshees in EPL are really spread out so that's whee I spent most of them. Probably obvious to most but I didn't realise it until I had captured 3 or 4 of them, but it's one rocket fuel per deploment of the ectoplasmic converter....not one per capture. I probably could have used less rocket fuel but I burned a couple early on by not being careful where I was pulling from. It is deffinately worth scouting out the area and finding a good spot to deploy the converter before starting.

You might want to add to the list of items needed that they must have the tier 0 items as well. You have to have the old items to turn in for the new PLUS all the other items they send you out for.

I actually only need 7 Rocket Fuel in total for the Ectoplasm quests, 3 in Silithas (get into Southwind itself and find yourself a nice spot by as many ghosts as possible), 2 in Winterspring (set it up near or in the buildings for best results) and 2 in Eastern Plaguelands. Where a lot of people are going wrong and needing more fuel in EPL is because they are hunting the banshee's from places like Corin's Crossing. Go to Northdale, just north of Light's Hope Cathedral. Both the highbourne and the unseen ghosts that jump out on people there produce Ectoplasm and they are fairly concentrated. If you are a Warlock, cast Detect Invisiability on yourself before going there, and all the hidden ghosts can be seen, making it even easier. - Tabythia

Tigerheart's Process

When I did the quest with the distiller, I brought one other with me (druid), and only needed 4 of the fuels.

One in Silithus - get over by the 'hut' with like 4 inside it over to the west, also by the leatherworking trainer. Between those two buildings there is more then enough for that place.

One in Winterspring - go pick up the quest from starfall village which requires "Jaron's Pick". You need to talk to the NPC next to Jaron to start the questline. Now, head over to the frozen lake, and find one of the relics. Set down the distiller, and use the pick. Don't loot the item that appears, just leave it. 2 mobs will appear as soon as you finish looting. Repeat as you need.

Two in the Plaguelands - This was the hardest part of all. What I did was I first scouted the town, and found the very center of town to be the best place, as they are all over around the sides of the buildings, and just inside even in some cases. The 'hidden' ones that appear also count and can be used so make sure you kill them as well! Since they are more spread out here, you need a lil more travel time so may need 2 or 3, but possible to only use 1.

Just remember when you do it, try to have the druid pull with moonfire to the place, you grab it off them and kill it while they grab the next, healing as necessary.

Also, for the 45m baron run, when I did it we had the following configuration: Priest, Mage, Warlock, Warlock, DPS Warrior

We used the normal 'group loot' ruleset, but not worried if something dropped or not. roll as you go. Start with the boss to the west (the spider boss), as that one is 'out of the way', then head back to the other side and go all the way around that way (no 'trap' gates that way). Try to aim for 15-18 minutes when you get to the abomination room.

The biggest trick to doing this, is run the instance two or three times in advance with the same party. Try to go as fast as you possibly can, skip things brashly when you so feel like it (use ventrilo or another communication program, so you don't need to stop and type). Wipe a few times, and get the feel for how fast paced you can go, without sacrificing group integrity.

I found the best method is NOT mass pulls, but more of speedy/constant ones. As you get one pull to 20% pull the next. The biggest key here however, is mana conservation (for the healer anyway). If you are not a healer and run out of mana, sit down, and drink whil the next pull is taking place. Don't worry about it. You can help out when you are back at full mana. Everyone must be top of their game, and go all out DPS for it to work. Every time you stop as a group to sit down and drink, that's time lost. It adds up fast. When I finished it, our group did not stop a single time, except to group up when we got to teh abomination room - when the baron finally went down, we had a whopping 45s left on the timer. Remember too, you CAN pass the magistrate boss (the one that drops the key), along with one of the groups right before her.

Practice and Perserverance are what come to mind when it comes to completing the 45m run. It may seem impossible when you start, but keep working at it, and it'll all fall into place. The biggest thing about this run, is at the speed you need to be doing it at, one mistake and it's a wipe. One person dies and that can cost you the entire run. I can't count how many times we reached the magical 'lockout' from resetting after making a mistake at the start. Those first few pulls are the toughest part of the instance IMO. You need to create that initial opening in the 'chaos', and at the same time, start a 'pace' for the rest of the run.


Great Work!

Just wanted to say great work to those who contributed to this page! --Zlixar 15:34, 5 April 2006 (EDT)

I would also like to thank everyone who took part in the creation of this guide. It makes the whole series of quests a lot easier. --Teomyr 11:29, 3 June 2006 (EDT)

where do we get Soul Ashes of the Banished?


Some sites seem to indicate that summoning Aurius breaking the 45 min Baron quest is not true, at least for the alliance. Can anyone confirm this? eg.

Neither of the warnings seemed to be true. We did Baron 45 (on Alliance) two days ago with activating Aurius and a non quester (not even one who has completed it) attacking Baron first. Perhaps they have been fixed? Can anyone actually confirm that these kinds of bugs exist? Rithiur 06:14, 15 May 2006 (EDT)

- We just beat it last night in 45 min (wasn't even planned), and Aurius did indeed break the quest for the guy who had it. Or at least, I would assume so, as we beat the baron with one minute to spare and he couldn't continue the chain.

Baron run

I see many people stick at baron's run (i'm one of them, my best attempt was Baron killed after 60 minutes), wanted to collect some tips for that, here some:

- Put Master Looter on and don't loot anything, not even normal mobs

- Kill Banshee boss first, then go for Nerub Keran, pass over the tunnel (be careful to pass it all togheter, bugs will spawn) and kill 3rd boss, Magistrate can be skipped at all

- Leave Supply crates in peace

- Remember, always remember, to clean ziggurats before leaving. If you forget one you can even reset

More coming...

Druid Boss

I am doing these quests to be able to get my Relic of rejuv, and farm it for other guilmaes and have just seen that I may not even get the quest to summon the boss (mor gra...) so does anyone know if i dont get that quest of the 4 will I ever be able to summon him... or have i wasted my time and gold?

--OK answered my own question. At the end of the chain you get the item that allows you to summon any of the bosses when eve you want.

The second summon

Hello all,

I am having a bit of trouble. I did the first summon question an got my left piece of the amulet, collected the bloodkelp, and now am at a loss. It seems to me and several of my firends that the brazier of Beckoning was consumed in the first summon quest. I have spoken with the little guy outside BRS and told him I cannot find it and he says something about checking your bag and bank. I have done this SEVERAL times and it is not there now is there any sort of item that looks like it might be a replacement for it, what gives? Did I miss a step? I am so close to having this all complete... please help.

Thanks DoranFae

Fel Elemental Rod

I went and purchased my rod today, and even though I had the quest it still only cost 40g. Perhaps the information should be changed?

Jeering Spectre's Essence

I had a couple of ideas to improve this section, but I'm a little hesistant to edit the article myself. Maybe someone who is good at editing can put them in for me if they seem relevant =)

1) It's possible to collect the Jeering Spectre's Essence solo by repeatedly killing the two (seperate) Eldreth Spectres that patrol back and forth on either side of Tendris Warpwood (on the starting floor). You can get to them without clearing anything, you just have to be very careful about avoiding the Ironbark Protectors. The Spectres are invisible until they aggro so just wait on either side of Tendris (just oustide the rooms with packs of 3 ghosts and the stairs leading to the top floor). Eventually the patrols will come around and aggro you. They should be easily soloable by almost any class, though if you dont have a form of crowd control for undead (hunters,priests) it might be wise to pull the first spectre back to a safe area so you dont risk having the second one path into you while you're fighting the first. You will probably have to reset the instance a few times before the essence drops. For me it dropped on the 4th reset (8th spectre kill).

2) The article claims that 'The essence is a group drop and you do not need the quest to recieve it'. As of June 9, 2006 this doesn't seem to be the case. I was grouped with a rogue who had the quest while I was still on the previous quest to collect ogre warbeads. When the jeering essence dropped for him I was not able to loot it. -- Rueue 60 Priest, Stormreaver Tuesday June 13, 2006

There are two more spectre's that you can get easily in the same trip, after you finish those two, go downstairs and to the right of the Warpwood. There are two more that path through the hallway to Immolothar. -- Kargos 60 Mage, Draka Monday August 7, 2006

After "I See Alcaz Island In Your Future..."

I'm doing the Right Peice of the Amulet right now and after turning in "I See Alcaz Island In Your Future..." it puts me on this quest;

I don't see that link listed in the guide though. Thought I'd give a heads up.

- Fenyx

Next quest in line is random it seems

I was doing the summon the new boss part of the quest and I first did the Scholomance quest, then I got the Scarlet Stratholme quest. So the bit about the next quest you get being related to the first one seems to be false. I am Alliance, so don't know if that makes a difference if perhaps the others were horde.

But anyway, just wanted to let someone know that the bit about there being a pattern should be changed.

Same with me, I got the DM East quest first, then the LBRS quest second. On alliance side, dunno if it matters. Lorentzforce 00:00, 28 July 2006 (EDT)
I can second that. I got the Scholo first, then the Strat Scarlet quest second. On alliance side too.Aldebaraan 06:14, 31 August 2006 (CET)
Maybe they actually changed the patterns.I got Scholo first, then Scarlet Strat. Horde side, priest 00:24 14 September 2006 (EST-3) Thymorr
There appears to be no pattern. I got Scarlet Strat, then Scholo. My guildmate got LBRS, then Scarlet Strat. Horde, hunter, and guildie is a mage. --Rockasaurus 16:49, 26 September 2006 (EDT)
I got LBRS first than DM. Im a Warrior, horde side. And i know 3 other warrior from horde who got the exact same quest. Is Aldebaraan character a Priest as Thymorr????
As an Alliance Mage, I'm at the point of getting the braizer, will report what I get for my quests. --Markozeta 11:55, 6 November 2006 (EST)
Confirm that alliance mages get LBRS first. --Markozeta 00:42, 13 November 2006 (EST)
Confirming both the Warrior steps (LBRS+DM) and first step of Paladin(Scholo). Furthermore I heard from my Paladin friend that his printed guide book states that it is class specific. He knew the bosses I would have to fight before I actually got to them. --Candar 23:52, 7 November 2006 (EST)
The table below appears to be false for Paladins. My Paladin got Kormok (Scholomance) first, then Mor Grayhoof (LBRS). --Grudgebearer 15:02, 23 November (CET)

From here we have :

  • Warrior : LBRS - DM
  • Hunter : Strat - Scholo
  • Mage : LBRS - Strat
  • Priest : Scholo - Strat

--Groscaliss 13:10, 01 November 2006 (EST)

I asked a guild mate (Night Elf Priest) about his quest, and he could also verify this: He had to do Scholomance first, then Stratholme Living. I made a table for the classes; please add more information and your name if you could verify this information. --Teomyr 15:59, 3 November 2006 (EST)

Quest map for all classes

Assuming that a player's class decides which bosses he/she has to kill for the Dungeon Set 2 quest, please contribute by completing the following table. If there seems to be anything wrong with it, please discuss it here! Eventually, this table will be copied to the article. --Teomyr 16:09, 4 November 2006 (EST)

Nicely done! It was true for me, anyway. If I count the number off bosses on that list, I would presume druids get Isalien and Mor Grayhoof, although I don't know in which order. --Tinkerer 02:27, 8 November 2006 (EST)
Got from a guide book that Druids start with DM East's Isalien and guessing based on boss counting that the 2nd will be Mor. Will confirm Mor soon. --Candar 07:01, 10 November 2006 (EST)
Table below seems false for Paladins. My Paladin got Mor Grayhoof as second boss. --Grudgebearer 15:05, 23 November (CET)
ClassFirst Quest BossSecond Quest Boss
IconSmall Druid DruidIsalienMor Grayhoof
IconSmall Hunter HunterJarien and SothosKormok
IconSmall Mage MageMor GrayhoofJarien and Sothos
IconSmall Paladin PaladinKormokJarien and Sothos (disputed)
IconSmall Priest PriestKormokJarien and Sothos
IconSmall Rogue Rogue Jarien and SothosIsalien
IconSmall Shaman Shaman KormokMor Grayhoof
IconSmall Warlock Warlock IsalienKormok
IconSmall Warrior Warrior Mor GrayhoofIsalien

I think there are variations based on Faction as well  - CJ talk / cont  07:18, 10 November 2006 (EST)
Working my way through as Alliance Paladin, first boss was Kormok, second was Mor Grayhoof. pyrephoenix (talk) 12:06, 5 November 2008 (UTC)

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