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Anyone else think that the author of this page is a little "Anti-Balance"?

Balance Druids bring one of the most important roles to a group: DAMAGE. Damage is the most important part of a group (after Tanking and Healing), and Moonkin Form is more than capable of dealing damage (we're more or less Mages in Plate).

"Your Cyclone spell is the only CC (I chose to call it CC even if it has the duration of a regular stun) you provide as a balance druid" is completely untrue. We also have Entangling Roots (good for stopping runners or mobs that aggro on a squishy; only works outside, though, so it's usless in most Instances) and Hibernate (useful CC against Beasts (especially if you don't have a Mage), and the ONLY CC, other than possibly Freezing Traps, that will work on Dragons).

  • There's also one less-known form of CC: killing a mob. A mob that's dead is a mob that can't attack the group (CC's main role is to reduce the number of mobs attacking the group), so we bring the best CC available.

Saying that Balance Druids don't provide tanking is like saying that Paladins can't tank. People consider Shamans a viable tank in many lower-level situations; why wouldn't Moonkin, with their massive damage output, be a viable tank in the same scenarios?

Also, "As the Moonkin form doesn't provide any abilities to drop aggro (like Cower in Cat form)" is a lie. Cower IS the Druid's threat dump, no matter what the spec is. There is nothing in the Balance spec that says "You can't go into Cat Form and Cower." Since we would have to stop our DPS for the tank to regain aggro anyway (one of the very few true Balance tips on the whole page), why not just drop into Cat Form and Cower while the tank gets aggro back? We have to stop casting anyway, so why not do something to help get the mobs back on the tank instead of just standing there?

In regards to the Force of Nature spell breaking CC, this was fixed in Patch 2.4; they won't attack a CC'd target.Felindre

I'm rewriting the Balance section of this page to be more like the other sections (that is, more encouraging and supportive, rather than a "You are an idiot for using this spec" attitude). Felindre 7/1/08, 10:49AM

Had the same problem on the druid tank page. People also told me moonkin can't tank... in one case while I was main tanking LBRS... 'Moonkin form doesn't provide any abilities to drop aggro' is not a lie, though. It doesn't. Cat form does. But it could have been worded better... --Azaram (talk) 01:42, 10 July 2008 (UTC)
The way it was worded made it seem like Moonkin form has no possible way to lower threat, no matter what the Druid does. The way I see it, a Moonkin loses aggro by dropping into Cat form and using Cower. Felindre
Semantics. Moonkin form has no way to lose aggro, you have to leave moonkin form. A druid has a way to do it, but a moonkin does not. That's how I read it...--Azaram (talk) 05:45, 14 July 2008 (UTC)
Okay, I see your point. Moonkin Form specifically doesn't have any way to reduce threat without outside sources( items, enchants, whatever). Felindre
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