This page is awful, I'm not sure I want to begin editing all the mistakes herein. --Burnsauce 15:40, 5 May 2006 (EDT)

In progress Edit

I'm working on removing all of the garbage about aggro control from this page and rewording everything. For those who don't know, before you edit: Crowd Control involves reducing or removing an opponent's ability to do combat freely. Aggro control has nothing to do with Crowd Control. --Burnsauce 14:55, 11 May 2006 (EDT)

User:Tsijun 21 Sept 2006. I've editted the hunter section and tightened up based on definition of CC. Hopefully this meets with approval. Positive feedback welcomed over abject negativity.

CC Effects Edit

I just came across this list of CC effects and counters that could be cleaned up and incorporated into the page.


1. DISORIENT EFFECT = Freezing Trap, Scatter Shot, Blind

2. INCAPACITATE EFFECT = Gouge, Repentance

3. CHARM EFFECT = Seduction, Mind Control

4. FEAR = Fear, Howl of Terror, Psychic Scream, Intimidating Shout, Scare Beast

5. SLEEP = Wyvern Sting, Hibernate

7.SLOW = Concussive Shot, Wingclip, Frost Trap, Hamstring, Crippling Poison, Frost Shock, Earth Bind Totem, Cone of Cold, Frost Bolt, Ice Armor, Frost Armor, Blast Wave, Slow, Mind Flay, Curse of Exhaustion

8. ROOT = Entangling Root, Frost nova, Frost Bite, Counter Attack, Imp Wingclip, Entrapment, Imp Hamstring

9. STUN = Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot, Mace Specilization, Hammer of Justice, Imp Concussive Shot, Intimidation, Shadow Fury, Charge, Intercept, Impact, War Stomp , Bash, Pounce, Black Out

10. SAP = Sap

Free Action Potion gives you Immunity against category #7 , #8 , and #9...

Blessing of Freedom gives you Immunity against category #7 and #8...

Orc's passive racial skill Hardiness gives you resistance against category #9...

Stoicism Talent (Paladin) gives you resistance against category #9...

Nerves of Steel Talent (Rogue) gives you resistance against category #4 and #9...

Iron Will Talent (Warrior) gives you resistance against category #3 and #9...

Unbreakable Will Talent (Priest) gives you resistance against category #3 , #4 , and #9...

Primal Tenacity Talent (Druid) gives you resistance against category #4 and #9...

Sure Footed Talent (Hutner) gives you resistance against category #7 and #8...

Fleet Footed Talent (Rogue) gives you resistance against category #7 and #8...

Blazing Speed Talent (Mage) dispels category #7 and #8...

Gnome's active racial skill Escape Artist dispels category #7 and #8...

Improved Sprint dispels category #7 and #8...

Vanish dispels category #7 and #8...

Berserker's Rage dispels and gives immunity against category #2 and #4...

Undead active racial skill Will of the Forsaken dispels and gives you immunity against category #3, #4, and #5

Unyielding Faith Talent (Paladin) gives resistances against category #1 (Disorient)and #4 (Fear)...

Second Wind Talent (Warrior) reacts on category #8 (Root)and #9 (Stun)...

Only humanoids can be affected by category #10...

Mutagen 18:27, 27 December 2006 (EST)

Edited by Egingell 22:15, 1 May 2008 (UTC)

Vandalism Edit

Some vandalism was done to this page due to a heated debate on the WoW forums, one person decided that rather than present a decent argument they would alter the evidence that this page had presented. Ive restored it back to its orriginal form and added a link to the topic where a blizzard poster clarifies on what is considered CC. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Calliope (talkcontr).

Thank you!  Kirkburn talk contr 19:09, 28 January 2007 (EST)

cc vs mob/aggro control aka tanking Edit

  • A lot of text in this article discusses tanking and tanking abilities as crowd control. Should there just be a note up top that says tanking is similar to crowd control in that those mobs choose not to attack party members but for that discussion see the tank topic?
  • Also, lots of things were 'just like polymorph' which I changed to similar to polymorph except... Polymorph is one of the best heals (up to 100% health in <10 seconds) in the game that mobs can get and so these other things aren't really like it very much at all.
  • This note is just to solicit some thoughts from the group. Ill see if anything shows up Re this note and then try to tackle some of these issues. --Dga 21:05, 11 September 2007 (UTC)

Shaman abilities Edit

Isn't Stoneclaw Totem a form of Crowd Control? - Chickamauga, 14 NOV 07

Paladin CC? Edit

This article catagorizes blessing of salvation and righteous furry as "indirect crowd control". CC, to me, is getting rid of the mob, preventing it from causing harm to the party. These abilities do no such a thing, and only helps to direct who the mob is attacking. I propose that these abilities be removed from the article as they are not really forms of crowd control. Thoughts? Dantheman102100 22:44, 31 March 2008 (UTC)

Removed abilities that are unrelated to cc Edit

As someone had pointed out, the article was full of non-CC abilities. This is a page talking about CC, so no need to have so many unrelated abilities put down here. They are all covered in the respective instance strategy guides. I removed all those non-CC abilities, so it should look better now. WakemanCK 14:43, 26 April 2008 (UTC)

Bash Change Edit

Changed the information on Bash from "Feral Druids" to "Druids in Bear Form"; Bash is available to all Druids when in Bear Form, and it is not exclusive to Feral Druids. Felindre

"Horror", an own kind of CC? Edit

I've noticed that there appears to be a certain difference between effects considered "fear" and "horror". The latter seems to be a more unusual and powerful variant of the first, being harder to dispel and present in only a few abilities. While many people probably consider horror and fear the same, I think horror should get its own article as the mechanics are clearly different from fear (sort of how both stun and incapacitate are effects which makes something stand still for a few seconds, but in different ways). The difference is stated in various forums I've checked out - here are some comments I picked up from allakhazam, wowhead and thottbot:

  • "So if you have anything that removes fear, like Berserker Rage, it wont work on this spell"
  • "Keep in mind that death coil is a "horror" effect and not a fear-based effect. Therefore, anti-fear trinkets and class abilities cannot be used to get rid of it."
  • "To be a bit more accurate, it does not have a mechanic, wheras fear and howl of terror have the mechanic of "fleeing.""
  • "the 2nd effect up there clearly states that this is a 'fear'...then why doesn't Will of the Forsaken break it?"
  • "Because its a Horror Effect, only Hunters "Bestial Wrath" is immune to Horror."
  • "can not be removed by fear-dispelling trinkets because its a horror effect, just clarifying that."
  • "...people keep thinking that it still makes them enemy run in fear, which fear can be countered by WotF or Beastial Wrath/The Beast Within, however it makes the enemy run in HORROR which there is no counter that I am aware of which removes horror."
  • "Its an instant fear that cannot be dispelled."

Apparently, horror and fear are also different when considering diminishing returns:

  • "BECAUSE its a horror effect it does not affect Diminishing Returns on Fear; therefore, your 20 second Fear will not be reduced to 10 seconds just because you used a 3 second deathcoil before it."

Here is also a forum on the official WoW-site discussing the topic -

Abilities that seems to use horror-effects instead of normal fear are Spell shadow deathcoilDeath Coil (warlock version) and Spell shadow psychichorrorsPsychic Horror. I wondered if Howl of Terror could be one too, but that one seems to use normal fear. It'd be nice if someone could share their opinion on whether Horror should get its own page, or if there are any mistakes I've missed that discards the necessity of such an article.

- - - -

Other from that.. it'd be nice if someone could make the list of "confirmed" CC-variants a bit more clear, like list them all in a vertical order with minor key definitions instead of just mash them all together in a sentence between random notes above and a list of abilities (which are repeated further down) below. WrathOfDeathfrost (talk) 02:03, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

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