What are the respawn times of the windstones? --Kramm

The lesser windstones respawn in around 5 minutes. I do not know about the others. Can anyone give me a hand with the Scrolls of Beckoning? Is it a 1/12 chance you'll get the scroll you want? Does the text hand in at the hermit always give a (random) scroll? If you turn in the scrolls for the summoning do you still need the other stuff? (twlight set, ring, etc.?) --Killswitch1968

You don't always get a scroll. I've gotten one scroll from the hermit, in a different turnin I got a crystal spiked maul that sold pretty well, and other than that a load of scrolls of protection and agility. After that, I realized that there wasn't anything else I really needed CC rep for and sold the remaining texts I had. Then BC came out...
And yes, you still need the other stuff. What the scroll does is let you make a crest of beckoning that will summon a specific type of beastie instead of getting a random one. --Azaram 04:52, 13 March 2007 (EDT)
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