Zamros you added: "On the 23rd April 2010, an unknown hacker used the Blizzard Authenticator to lock random players' accounts and steal their items and gold. It is currently unknown how the hacker did this or what Blizzard will do to resolve this. "

Can you please add a reference to corroborate what you have posted. I cannot find anything via searches on the forums. If this is just another case of people being hacked and the hacker adding an authenticator then this is HIGHLY misleading. Tequima (talk)

I have now done a search of the wow-forums and the post you made only seems to confirm that you were unlucky enough to be hit with a zero-day exploit that has compromised your account (or responded to an email that appeared to come from Blizzard but didn't, or hit a page that appeared to be a Blizzard page, but wasn't). Please follow the links given in the top of the forum - - above and beyond what you have already done, to post hijack this logs etc. If it is a new exploit, then the security community needs to investigate it. In the meantime I have reverted your edit and will shortly add a clarification Tequima (talk)