I brought my lvl 6 Night Elf Druid here in hopes of levelling her more quickly, but the only quest available was the Great Moongraze hunt, also maybe 1 mission as a grey question mark. So I'm not exactly sure about this, but apparently majority of the quests in Azuremyst Isle are Draenei only, whereas Bloodmyst (10-20) is not as race specific. Or is it maybe that one would need more reputation with the Exodar to get more quests out of the place?
I think it is that you were level 6. I've done this at slightly higher, and had plenty of quests available. A few quests are Draenei only; the "use your Gift of the Naaru" quest in Ammen Vale is; the shaman quests are shamans only; in Azure Watch there are some herbal quests that are Draenei only - one is to pick plants, but you don't have to be an herbalist, kind of like the Gloom Weed and Doom Weed quests for the Forsaken, and one is a kill lashers for drops quest. That's the only ones I'm aware of.
Bloodmyst Isle has some that are Draenei only, and some of the better rewards. Madkaugh (talk) 07:13, 6 March 2009 (UTC)
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