Allakhazam vs. Thottbot Edit

Figured I'd start the discussion here, since there seem to be alot of pro-Allakhazam people who have some ideas about why Allakhazam is better than Thottbot.

  • Allakhazam:
    • + Lots of overall info about WoW beyond just database.
    • + The ability to post images/screenshots to go along with entries so you can see what stuff looks like in-game (assuming the uploaded image is correct).
    • + Less legacy data from beta, foreign-language sources, previous patches.
    • + Nicer UI design.
    • + Forums.
    • - Slower because of waiting for slow advertisement updates and prettier UI makes for longer draw times.
    • - Pay features? (Don't ask me what they are, I'm too cheap to pay for them.)
    • - Tons of popups to block.
    • - Multiple ads on most pages.
    • - Rumored to be owned by wow gold farmer company
  • Thottbot:
    • + FAST.
    • + Pulls and collect forum entries from other forums about WoW and Thottbot.
    • + Cross-platform support (Cosmos has a Win/Mac installer/uploader).
    • + Probably a larger user base just because it has been around longer for WoW.
    • + More data, but - less organized.
    • - Lots of legacy crap from beta, foreign-language sources, and previous patches.
    • - Ads on top of most pages (but not front page).
    • - Rumored to be owned by wow gold farmer company

Well, this is a start of the comparison. --Fandyllic 1:34 PM PDT 10 Apr 2006

Er... Allakhazam's been around since the old EQ days. Thott may have come around before Allakhazam added it's WoW section, I'm not sure, but Allakhazam has definiately been around longer. Part of the reason Allakhazam is so slow, generally, is because it's got sections for seven different MMO's. Thottbot can barely keep track of WoW, let alone other games. --Darkfox190 05:07, 26 April 2006 (EDT)
Thott has been around longer for WoW. This isn't EQwiki. --Fandyllic 5:30 PM PDT 26 Apr 2006
Yet, Thottbot is also rumored to be funded by Jeoh 10:02, 27 April 2006 (EDT)
Looks like Allakhazam got bought out by the people who own IGE. So it looks like Thottbot and Alla are now under the same umbrella company. Tin foil hat alert: Now that the 2 big dogs of WoW data are now together, how long do you think before they will start charging for access? - ClydeJr 23:47, 3 May 2006 (EDT)
Yeah, this IGE connection to thottbot and allakhazam disturbs me. However, if these info sources were cut off or charged for, I'm not sure it would affect me that much. I generally only go to them when I'm frustrated with a quest I can't quite figure out. Also, using any DB is technically cheating, so most of us are in a moral gray area. It would be interesting to get some Cosmos devs take on the situation, since they maintain and promote the Thottbot uploader plugin by including it in their package of AddOns. Maybe I'll pose a question on the Cosmos talk page and see if I get any bites. --Fandyllic 11:25 PM PDT 3 May 2006
Yet we do now have another choice, which so far has no adds? wowhead Not a very large database yet however. Psyker7 14:35 AEST 10 July 2006

Keyloggers Edit

What, no mention of keyloggers?--Drat 13:00, 19 October 2007 (UTC)

Dead? Edit

how come since it was offline in april or so for like 4 days, the thought of the day and the picture of the day has become the thought of the month and the picture of the every other month? what i mean is, why arn't there no new entries?

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