Taleris Dawngazer help pilgrims onward from Falcon Watch on their pilgrimage.


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Welcome to Falcon Watch, <class>. I see to the need of the pilgrims and help them in continuing their long journey. If you haven't yet undertaken the pilgrimage, I can provide you with the information you will need.

Taleris Dawngazer says: Wake up, Gal'ressa.
Pilgrim Gal'ressa rubs the sleep from her eyes.
Pilgrim Gal'ressa says: What do you want, Taleris?
Taleris Dawngazer says: You've had enough time to recover from your wounds, Gal'ressa. The time has come for you to return to the road.
Pilgrim Gal'ressa says: I'm not going on alone, Taleris, and that's final. I'm going to wait here for the next group of pilgrims and set out with them when they depart.
Taleris Dawngazer says: You'll do no such thing. We simply haven't the room to keep you here. Now, kindly be on your way.
Pilgrim Gal'ressa says: By the Sunwell, you've a thick skull! You'll not bully me into leaving, Taleris. Now, begone from my sight!
Taleris Dawngazer says: Very well then, have it your way. When we turn others away, you will be responsible for their suffering. Think about that.

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