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This item is the reward for completing the achievement Explore Northrend.

Letter from BrannEdit

The tabard is attached to a letter from the renowned dwarf explorer Brann Bronzebeard, and reads as follows:

You've Been Around!

Well, look at ye!

And I thought I had seen some things in this icy place! It seems obvious to this dwarf that you have the fire of the explorer burning in your eyes.

Wear this tabard with pride. That way your friends will know who to ask for directions when the time comes!

Keep on the move!

Brann Bronzebeard


  • As of patch 3.0.3, there is a bug where this tabard does not count toward the Money achievement Ten Tabards right away. After an amount of time (perhaps access your bank) you get credit, but no on screen notification.
  • The Tabard of the Explorer doesn't count as championing tabard so player will still gain reputation with the Horde Expedition or Alliance Vanguard (or if exalted, their Argent Tournament host) while wearing it in the instances/dungeons.

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