This article or section contains information relating to gameplay taken from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
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The first World of Warcraft Raid Deck, named Onyxia's Lair.

Set Details

Card Totals

Total Cards: 100

  • 33 Treasure Cards (10 Random in 1 Raid Deck)
  • 33 Onyxia Ability cards (2 copies in 1 basic Raid Deck)
  • 30 Event Cards
  • 1 Whelp token card (20 Copies in 1 Raid Deck)
  • 3 different Onyxia Oversize Hero Cards


  • Ability Cards are numbered alphabetically
  • Event Cards are numbered alphabetically
  • Whelp Token Card has 1/1
  • Treasure Cards follow the Heroes of Azeroth Numbering
    • Exception: Abilities are not numbered alphabetically by Class, but by the name.
  • 3 Onyxia Cards are numbered by Stage

Card List

Treasure Pack Cards

01Arcane RevelationAbility
02Coordinated AttackAbility"Here's da plan. You sneak up on it, den I toss dis axe at its head!"
03Cull the WeakAbility
04Natural AlignmentAbility
05Shelter the FlockAbility"May the Light keep and protect you."
06Spread the WordAbility
07SunfireAbilityThose unworthy of the Earth Mother's grace are burned by her touch.
08Thorn in the SideAbility
09Tricks of the TradeAbility
10Bloodfang HoodArmor
11Dragonstalker's HelmArmor
12Halo of TranscendenceArmor
13Helm of WrathArmor
14Helmet of Ten StormsArmor
15Judgment CrownArmor
16Nemesis SkullcapArmor
17Netherwind CrownArmor
18Sapphiron DrapeArmorSapphiron's legacy imbues the cloak with the promise of magic.
19Stormage CoverArmor
20Ancient Cornerstone GrimoireItemSome tomes of ancient lore are best left forgotten.
21Dragonslayer's SignetItem
22Eskhandar's CollarItem
23Onyxia Blood TalismanItem
24Onyxia Hide BackpackItem"We'd barely gotten through half her treasure trove before our packs were overflowing. That's when our tailor had an idea."
25Onyxia Tooth PendantItem
26Ring of BindingItem
27Shard of the ScaleItem
28Skibi's PendantItem
30Lord Alexander's Battle AxeWeapon
31Mass of McGowanWeapon
32Sword of ZealWeapon
33Vis'kag the BloodletterWeapon

Onyxia Ability Cards

04Another LessonAbility"It seems you need another lesson, mortals."
05Bellowing RoarAbilityThe lair itself shattered at the awful sound.
06Brood of OnyxiaAbility"Whelps! Many whelps! Now! Handle it!"
07BurninateAbility"Suddenly the lair was aflame, everything burning like thatched-roof cottages."
08CrushAbility"Puny mortals..."
09Deep BreathAbilityThere was a sharp intake of breath from above, and then fire - nothing but fire all around.
11Draconic MightAbility"Excellent. You should all make a fine snack."
12Draconic RageAbility"You dare challenge the daughter of Deathwing?"
13Dragon HideAbility"Your flesh tears much more easily than mine.
14Engulfing FlamesAbilityThose who survive the initial blast are far from safe.
15Flame BreathAbility"It's when she stops talking that you have to worry" - Gorebelly
16Foolish Mortals!Ability"You would sooner be a dragon snack than a dragonslayer."
17Head SlamAbility
18Home Lair AdvantageAbility"Fools! You think you can defeat me in my very lair?"
19How Fortuitous!Ability"How fortuitous! Usually I must leave my lair in order to feed."
20Knock AwayAbilityAs he flew, Igvand wondered whether it was bad that he was about to collide with the cavern wall or good that he would be beyond the reach of the dragon's fire.
21Lava CracksAbilityMadness, terror, and falling rubble; flames burn and lava bubbles.
22Learn Your Place, MortalAbility
23Meaningless ExertionAbility"This meaningless exertion bores me. I'll incinerate you all from above."
24Roasted FleshAbility
25Shattering ScalesAbility
26Tail SwipeAbilityWould-be dragonslayers quickly learn to avoid the tail.
28Tooth and ClawAbility"Uh-oh," Ta'zo said, "I tink we made her mad."
29Tossed into the HatcheryAbility
31The Whelp PitsAbility"Come, mortals, feed my babies."
32Wing BuffetAbilityDespite his strength, Gorebelly could not rise against the windstorm that pinned him to the cavern floor.
33Wrath of OnyxiaAbilityIn truth, dragons do not seek out gold for their lairs. They simply horde what treasures remain from those they destroy.

Event Cards

01Battle PlanEvent
02Blunder into the EggsEvent
03Break in the ActionEvent
04Broken RanksEvent
05Burn to a CrispEvent
06Charred BonesEvent
07Chink in Her ArmorEvent
08Claw, Claw, BiteEvent
09Down the GulletEvent
11Feeding TimeEvent
12Fickle FateEvent
13Fuel for the FireEvent
14Growling RageEvent
15He Who Hesitates…Event
16Hidden ReservesEvent
17The High Cost of DragonslayingEvent
18Imposing PresenceEvent
19Lead from the FrontEvent
20Lesser of Two EvilsEvent
21Play With Your FoodEvent
22Quicken the PaceEvent
23Reign of FireEvent
24Sacrificial MealEvent
25Searing FlamesEvent
26Second WindEvent
27Seize the MomentEvent
28Smoke and AshEvent
29Take CoverEvent
30Wing StormEvent

Whelp Token Card

Onyxia (TCG)

Onyxia Oversize Cards

Onyxia (TCG)


The Onyxia Lair Raid Deck is the first Deck ever in many TCGs that actually allows for a 1 Vs 3-5 Multiplay. The deck is specifically designed to be able to handle these kinds of numbers. To stay in touch with the Warcraft Lore, only decks from the same faction are allowed to team up against Onyxia.

Equipment from the Treasure Pack Card are actually loots from Onyxia ingame. This means that also the Tier 2 Headpieces were introduced in this set.

The Ability Cards in the Treasure packs are designed for Multiplay. Their effects usually involve friendly players.

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