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Were you looking for the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade [Drums of War] item crafted by and usable by those with Leatherworking or Patch 1.12 also called the "Drums of War" patch?

Drums of War is the seventh normal World of Warcraft TCG set, released in 28 October, 2008.[1]

Set Details

Not much is known about this set, but the items available for redemption can be found on the 2.4.3 PTR.[2] [3]

A Drums of War PVP Battle Deck is available for two players to start playing. Unlike the TCG Heroes of Azeroth, the starter Heros are fixed:

  • Alliance Spellweaver Jihan (Human Mage)
  • Horde The Longeye (Troll Hunter)

New in Drums of War

  • Locations are a new card type that can be placed face up in your resource row like Quests, but they stay face up even after you use their powers.
  • Allies have four new racial keywards: berserking (Troll), diplomacy (Human), shadowmeld (Night Elf), and war stomp (Tauren).
  • Armor sets are equipment cards that occupy multiple uniqueness slots.
  • Dual-class abilities can be included in the decks of two different classes.

Card List





Number Name Type Faction Class
88 Taunt Ability Alliance 15.gifHorde 15.gif IconSmall Warrior.gif


157Alexi BarovAllyHorde
158Boum HeadshotAllyHorde
159Cairne BloodhoofAllyHorde
160Centurion AddisynAllyHorde
161Chief Researcher AmereldineAllyHorde
162Cromarius BlackfistAllyHorde
163Darbun SteppeheartAllyHorde
164Defender KaniyaAllyHorde
165Doomsayer Din'juAllyHorde
166Elizabeth CrowleyAllyHorde
167Erindae FirestriderAllyHorde



Loot Cards

Loot001Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.ItemNeutral
Loot003The Red BearonMountNeutral


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