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The Sword of Dawn is an Alliance gunship helmed by Admiral Walsh. Prior to the battle for the Broken Shore, it accompanied the third fleet and transported Alliance recruits and novice adventurers.

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The gunship was used as a mobile training base, escorted by Alliance Gryphon Riders. Once it came close to the Broken Shore, it was attacked by forces of the Burning Legion. After defeating the ambushers, the troops were then sent to the battle below by using Armored Snowy Gryphons.

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  • The Sword of Dawn is only accessible by using a level 100 boost on an Alliance character. It serves as a tutorial zone, and the scenario teaches the adventurer about his main combat skills, such as area-of-effect attacks, stunning opponents, battling several foes at the same time, etc. Once the combat training is over, the player is then being sent to the The Battle for Broken Shoreω τ ϖ scenario.
  • While being on the Sword of Dawn, the zone name is actually shown as the Great Sea. A way to know the name of the gunship is to talk on the General Chat, which will display its name, or to have a friend on it, and then the name of the gunship will be shown as the location in the UI.
  • Icon Legion 18x18 Dalaran and Acherus: The Ebon Hold can be seen in the distance, however, the cities were not at the Broken Isles at that point.[citation needed]

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