The Super-Seller 680[40, 79]
is a level-36 trade-goods vendor that appears on the road near a pond west of Mannoroc Coven before the Gelkis Village in the contested territory of Desolace. It is part of the Gizelton Caravan, a kodo caravan run by goblins. This caravan travels from the Kolkar Village in the north (where Vendor-Tron 1000 appears) to Mannoroc Coven in the south.

Supposedly, the caravan used to arrive here once an hour around the half-hour mark; but that schedule no longer applies, and the interval appears to simply be however long it takes to travel to the north and back. Super-Seller 680 is only available for a short time while the caravan is stopped. If you get there late, it may even disappear while you are shopping. If you need one of the unusual recipes the it sells, you will have to wait (or return) for its return.

Of most interest are the rare cooking recipes (only one per stop) from this vendor:

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The Super-Seller 680 sells:

Limited quantities (only a few available per Super-Seller sighting):

Limited quantities (only one available per Super-Seller sighting):

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