Sunspring Post

Sunspring Post

Sunspring Post is a former Mag'har orc village on the shores of Lake Sunspring inhabited by the Murkblood tribe of Broken draenei, who destroyed the village and killed everyone they could find. Refugees — including many orphans — made their way to the safety of the Mag'har city of Garadar, leaving their ruined village in the hands of the Murkblood scavengers. However, there have been some reports from travellers that there may be some survivors trapped in the village...

Saurfang the Younger was a survivor of the war party that was sent to check up on Sunspring Post. The large number of Murkblood Broken slaughtered the war party, and Saurfang narrowly escaped. He can be found at a small camp outside of the ruined settlement with two seers. He seeks help from adventurers for revenge against the treacherous Broken who have done this to the Mag'har.


This zone is excellent for farming Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Samples due to lots of mobs (enough for 2 players farming there at the same time) and weaker mobs with around 1000 hp.

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