Sun Rock Retreat [50.1, 60.8]
is a nice, tauren-style, Horde settlement in middle of the Stonetalon Mountains, south of Mirkfallon Lake. Though predominantly populated by a large number of both orcish and tauren shamans and warriors, devoted to repairing the damage done to the mountains by the Venture Co. and other malignant forces, the blood elf Braelyn Firehand seeks to murder the druids based at Stonetalon Peak, thus ending their arcane-dampening effects in the zone.

The retreat is a tauren-controlled outpost run by a druid named Maggran Earthbinder. A mean-spirited blood elf named Braelyn Firehand also resides here, and she entices travelers to carry out acts of violence against the night elves. She harbors a special hatred for the night elf Ordanus in Ashenvale, and actively speaks of hiring a stranger to carry out Ordanus’s assassination. The other inhabitants of the retreat are concerned with discovering why elementals spring from beneath the earth in Charred Vale.[1]

Sun Rock Retreat NPCs

Quest Givers

Profession (Tradeskill) Trainers

  • IconSmall Orc MaleHorde 15 Hgarth <Enchanting Trainer>


Various Services

  • IconSmall Orc MaleHorde 15 Gereck <Stable Master>
  • IconSmall Tauren MaleHorde 15 Tharm <Wind Rider Master>

Flight Paths

Neutral 15 Karnum's Glade, Desolace
Horde 15 Cliffwalker Post, Stonetalon Mountains
Horde 15 Sludgewerks, Stonetalon Mountains
Horde 15 Krom'gar Fortress, Stonetalon Mountains
Horde 15 Malaka'Jin, Stonetalon Mountains
Horde 15 Furien's Post, Desolace
Horde 15 Shadowprey Village, Desolace
Horde 15 Thunder Bluff, Mulgore
Horde 15 Crossroads, Northern Barrens
Horde 15 Hellscream's Watch, Ashenvale
Horde 15 Zoram'gar Outpost, Ashenvale


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