Strong Trap
Inv pet pettrap02
  • Pet type humanoid Strong Trap
  • ?% accuracy
  • Attempt to catch a pet below 35% health. Capture chance is increased by 25% each time you fail.
  • Battle pet strength vs. Pet type dragonkin
  • Battle pet weakness vs. Pet type beast
Usable by
TypePet type humanoid Humanoid
Battle pet strength      vs.Pet type dragonkin Dragonkin
Battle pet weakness      vs.Pet type beast Beast

Strong Trap is an ability that your character can use during a pet battle to attempt to capture a wild pet, and so has the attributes of a Pet type humanoid Humanoid ability. It is a reward for the achievement Money achievement Going to Need More Traps, which is to capture 50 battle pets in pet battle, and replaces the basic trap that you begin with. The Strong Trap can be replaced by a [Pristine Trap], a reward for the achievement Money achievement Pro Pet Crew.

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