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Storm Tempered Keepers are trash mobs in Ulduar in the Observation Ring where Auriaya patrols. Casts orbs which buff its twin. Buff gives +60% damage and an aoe ability. If its twin dies, gains +100% damage, +50% haste

Line of sight does not affect the orb.

Keep them somewhat apart from each other, but not so far that they gain the "separation anxiety" buff (+150% dmg). When the orb spawns, kill it fast to avoid the +60% buff from occurring. The center of the two circles is an excellent place to position them.

They both need to die at about the same time.

Occasionally an orb may travel to a mob that has not been pulled. This mob will gain the buff but will NOT aggro the raid unless provoked.

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Storm Tempered Keepers

Storm Tempered Keepers

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  • WoW Icon 16x16 Hotfix (2009-05-20): "Storm Tempered Keeper's Supercharged ability will no longer increase the damage of Storm Wave. [1]"

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