Stonewrought Pass

Stonewrought Pass

The Stonewrought Pass is a tunnel in Searing Gorge that leads northeast to Loch Modan. The pass is located at the northern end of Dustfire Valley, and ends at the Valley of Kings.

Franclorn Forgewright designed this, as well as the Stonewrought Dam and other stonework architecture in the Eastern Kingdoms.


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The gates on both sides of the pass will have been removed, allowing easier access between zones, now that Loch Modan and the Badlands have been split.


For Alliance players, you can obtain the Key to Searing Gorge for entry by running a small series of quests initiated by killing Margol the Rager, located in the southeast corner of Searing Gorge. Turn in [Margol's Horn] to Mountaineer Pebblebitty in Loch Modan, and follow the quest chain from there.

For Horde players, or those that don't want to bother, it's possible to gain entrance without the key.

  • Rogues can pick the lock on the gate, if they have a lockpicking skill in the 200's.
  • Hunters can use their Eagle Eye ability. Walk up to the left side of the gate and cast Eagle Eye just inside it. Look to the left to find the lever to open the door; it's clickable while the spell is in effect.
  • Others may be able to click on the gate lever through the rock wall if they stand in the left corner in just the right spot. [1]
  • Let Mountaineer Pebblebitty kill you when you're right up to the gate to reappear in the graveyard of Thorium Point.
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