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The massive Stonewrought Dam was built by the dwarves of Ironforge and is one of the most impressive wonders of the world. The construction dams up Loch Modan, more than doubling its original size. The dam also creates the flooded plains of the Wetlands, which previously were mostly underwater. Recently the dam has come under attack by the dwarves of the Dark Iron Clan and the dwarves of Ironforge have been forced to increase security at the dam.

East of Algaz Gate, along Loch Modan’s northern shore, is Stonewrought Dam. This massive piece of dwarven architecture traps the snowmelt from Ironforge Mountain, creating the lake. Chief Engineer Hinderweir VII oversees the dam. Few know it, but Stonewrought Dam is the work of a Dark Iron dwarf. Franclorn Forgewright was a master architect before the War of the Three Hammers and the name "Stonewrought" refers to his works.[1] (LoC 78)

In CataclysmEdit

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The Dark Iron dwarves are finally successful in blowing a hole in the dam, resulting in most of the water of the Loch flowing out and into the Wetlands. The bridge is now commanded by the Dark Iron dwarves.[2] Although this is contradicted by Deathwing who flies by it in the official Cataclysm cinematic and it breaks apart.

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