Stonetalon Pass Entry (Cataclysm)

Stonetalon Pass entry

Stonetalon Pass is a small quest area where Horde players battle the Grimtotem. The path is located to the northwest of Thunder Bluff in Mulgore and appears to go nowhere, except to a large, grassy area with a decorated boulder. Intrepid explorers can make it to Stonetalon Mountains if they head northeast (almost due east) from the top of the path. The unmarked and ill-defined trail will eventually lead to Malaka'jin, with only one non-fatal, medium drop between, but players should be aware of the 10+ level difference between the mobs in Mulgore and those of Stonetalon Mountains.


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The Grimtotem appear to have built a small settlement at the base of the Pass;p it's possible this is where they traveled to when exiled from Thunder Bluff.


Oddly enough, there are a number of critters located within the grasses atop Stonetalon Pass that will enlarge as time goes on, until they are the size of a small dog. They also will carry weapons at their full height, chasing down and killing other critters not of their own species. This effect does not last for long, and they are soon back at their normal size. Such critters include rabbits, mice, and prairie dogs. This is the only known place in the game where this occurs.


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