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Stoneskin Gargoyles are found in Naxxramas and located within the Plague wing of the dungeon. They are found in patrols at the beginning of the wing, sometimes 1 or 2 at a time. They are not targetable until they become extremely close so sometimes you may not even notice them hiding in stoneform.

Attacks and Abilities

  • Acid Volley: An area of affect attack that targets all players within 40 (Needs to be double checked, appears to be longer than that 7/3/06) yards that stacks with no clear limit on number. Ignores line of sight but does have a limit on range. Deals damage over time. Cannot be dispelled.
  • Stoneform: At 30% the gargoyle will emit a strange sound and his hands will glow. You have 6 seconds to kill the gargoyle once at 30% or he will turn into stone and heal himself to full hp. This ability cannot be silenced, purged or interrupted.

See Discussion for more info: Talk:Stoneskin_Gargoyle

--Confirming that Mortal Strike does NOT prevent (nor weaken) the heal effect, as tested multiple times on June 7th, 2006.

--Confirmed that Mortal Strike DOES reduce the healing, from 100000 per tick to 50000 per tick (half) (July 23rd, 2006) File:Stoneskin.PNG


Save your maximum damage for the last 30%. Don't activate your spell damage trinkets (like Zandalarian Hero Charm) and abilities until then. Huge burst damage for the last 30% is the key to kill them in 6 seconds.

Patrols of two: Assign a tank and 2 or 3 healers on one gargoyle while the remaining raid kills the second gargoyle 50-60 yards away. The AoE poinson volley should at no time hit both groups. Wait until the DoT fades before you engage the second gargoyle.


Reputation: +25 Argent Dawn reputation




Template:Questnotb Kill 5 of these in addition to other mobs


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