Stonehearth Graveyard at night.

Stonehearth Graveyard (abbreviated SH or SH GY) is the southernmost graveyard of Stormpike Guards in Alterac Valley. It is commonly one of the first objectives for the Horde in Alterac Valley. Horde forces can reach it via roads from Stonehearth Bunker or Stonehearth Outpost.

The roads around this graveyard are patrolled by numerous alliance elites. Lieutenant Lonadin patrols the area north and northwest of the graveyard. Lieutenant Mancuso and Lieutenant Stouthandle patrol the roads south of the graveyard. In addition, Lieutenant Spencer guards the graveyard itself. Unlike the horde counterpart Iceblood Graveyard, these defenses are not crowded together.

Horde forces often destroy Stonehearth Bunker before attempting Stonehearth Graveyard; however, due to the openness of Field of Strife, they can easily go straight for Stonehearth Graveyard if they choose. Alternatively, horde can attempt to capture Snowfall Graveyard; however, since that is the common strategy for alliance, it would likely lead to a long game.

As of Patch 2.3, all lieutenants have been removed. Stonehearth Graveyard is now only guarded by the four flag guards.

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