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Stone Guardians are primarily level 53 elites in Un'Goro Crater.


Un'Goro Crater

The Stone Guardians patrol the river that flows from the southeast to the northwest of the Crater. They are the only mobs that drop the Inv stone 02 [Guardian Stone]s used in some crafting professions. The Guardians are flagged as non hostile and will not attack unless attacked. They are reasonably easy to kill as a well-geared level 60 because they move rather slowly, unlike the Devilsaurs that also inhabit the region.

In Cataclysm

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Following the Shattering that was caused by Deathwing the Destroyer, the Stone Guardians had recently attacked the neutral area Marshal's Refuge and killed Dadanga.

In Legion

Legion-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

When the Burning Legion began invading Azeroth the third time, the Stone Guardians are no longer mobs, and they now follow Maximillian of Northshire as their leader and side with the Alliance. Throughout the war against the Legion, many Stone Guardians followed Maximillian in defending the Tanaris entrance to Un'Goro Crater and managed to hold off the enemy as much as they can.


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Un'Goro Crater
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