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The Stolen Crate

The Stolen Crate contains an unknown amount of mysterious arcane items. Alliance 15 Anson Hastings/Horde 15 Edgar Goodwin each hired a courier to retrieve the crate, but the couriers were killed by thieves. The thieves then attempted to sell the crate on the black market through various agents, attracting the attention of Archmage Xylem. Xylem sent one of his students, Sanath Lim-yo to recover the crate, and the blood elf killed the thieves in order to steal it. Only after the crate's magic was unleashed did Sanath disappear, unprepared for its magic.

The Crate can be found at the meeting spot between Sanath and the thief, depending on faction. For the Alliance, it is beneath the Cathedral of Light[49, 45]
in the catacombs within Stormwind. For the Horde, it is within the Ruins of Lordaeron[65.8, 74.8]
in the surface level of the Undercity.


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