Trolls[1] found in the steppes and wastes of Azeroth are wild warriors known as barbarians, they are the brutal berserkers and axe throwers.[2] It is likely that steppe trolls are a class of one of the more common troll types.[1]

In the Appendix Three of Manual of Monsters the steppe trolls are fully described, however the validity of the source is disputed.

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Steppe trolls do not appear in World of Warcraft, but there may be some evidence of their existence. Mo'grosh Stronghold, while an ogre stronghold, in World of Warcraft has troll architexture and ruins. While the specific subregion is wooded, the region itself lacks heavy forestation, suggesting the possibility of steppe trolls. Since the trolls that once lived here are long gone, its impossible to say what kind of trolls they were.

The Witherbark forest troll tribe has settlements across the Arathi Highlands. Similarly, the Firetree and Smolderthorn tribes live in the Burning Steppes and Blackrock Spire. Arathi has very few wooded areas, and the burning steppes are barren, scortched lands. While these tribes are officially forest troll tribes, their choice of living in unforested areas may have caused some less educated explorers to dub them "steppe trolls".

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