A Stealth run is typically conducted with only Rogues and/or Druids in the party. The idea is to stay in Stealth, sneaking through the entire instance to the target Boss, kill the objective(s), then re-stealth and sneak back outside.

Note that "skull" type bosses scale with your level. In recent patches, these have all become more difficult. Roccor and Razorlash are probably still doable. The jury's out on Celebras. Plugger is generally considered a duo mob at present -- bring a friend (or a greater shadow protection potion which makes him quite soloable).

Tips and Tricks

  • Not all of your Group could have or have skilled the + Stealth Talent. So the Sneaking Potion comes very handy. Rogues could use it in stealth, Druids must shift out and drink and restealth.
  • Sometimes a Rogue kiting some mobs and a "magic" vanish helps a lot
  • Stealth is to slow? Use Shadowstep to "jump" through the instance
  • Sapping one or two "Guards" helps sometimes.

Soloable Bosses (lvl 70)

Hellfire Ramparts (normal)
  • Watchkeeper Gargolmar - High Difficulty - feral druid. He and his adds hit quite hard in melee for their level. DPS gear with tanking ring, cloak and trinkets equipped are highly recommended and you will require at least full enchanted lv70 blues for this. Begin the fight by using Barkskin, pulling one of the adds with Moonfire then going bear. Make sure to be prepared to interrupt heals by using Bash and Feral Charge. If you get crit a few times too much or are not dodging any incoming hits, you will probably die anyway since you cannot reliably heal yourself.
  • Omor the Unscarred - Medium Difficulty - feral druid. Make sure to kill adds asap when they spawn.
  • Vazruden & Nazan - Medium/High Difficulty - feral druid. Either go full cat DPS gear, or stack stamina/fire resist for a longer but safer fight. Pull 2 guards back to brazier across bridge, and when guards are dead stay there until Vazruden dismounts. He will then not aggro, while you attack Nazan. Nazan has 3 points from which he shoots fireballs at you; you may safely attack him from the ground from two of the 3 without aggroing Vazruden. Once Nazan drops, Vazruden is a simple fight in bear form.

Stealth Bosses (lvl 70)

Sethekk Halls (heroic and normal)

Note: since 2.1 you need one Rogue to kite Darkweaver Syth to one edge of his room to let the Druid sprint/dash throu.

Slave Pens (heroic and normal)

Note: Can be 4 manned but strongely recommended to do with 5. There are three groups of stealth-detecting Defenders in this instance. They hit extremely hard in melee so you will need a well-geared tank (who ideally should be crit immune and have at least 12k HP). 2 healers or 2 tanks (one per mob) is recommended for these, a balance druid can offheal fine. The first group before Mennu must be killed, the second group patrolling after Mennu must be killed unless you jump off the bridge, the third group patrolling between Rokmar and Quagmirran can and should be avoided with proper timing.

  • Mennu the Betrayer - Easy fight, can be safely pulled from the stairs without clearing any trash. Make sure that he is tanked away from ranged to avoid ranged taking damage from the Fire Nova totem.
  • Rokmar the Crackler - Medium difficulty, healer needs to stay at max range to avoid the Ensnaring Moss.
  • Quagmirran - Medium difficulty. Has an extremely huge aggro range but it is possible to unstealth between the last group of trash and him. 2 healers recommended, if not available bandages should be used after a poison bolt volley.
Underbog (heroic and normal)

Note: Pretty much requires 5 people, 1 resto druid 1 feral druid 3 dps. This instance is extremely difficult to get around in due to all the patrols. Sneaking Potions are cheap and may help.

  • Hungarfen - Easy fight. While it is possible to get there without killing Bog Giants you will need all the space you can get to move around in.
  • Ghaz'an - Moderately difficult since it is not possible to pull him back safely. People need to avoid being thrown into the water, make use of the pillar.
  • Tunnel between Ghaz'an and Swamplord Musel'ek - Getting around in here is probably the hardest part of the instance. Sneaking Potions will be a great help here. In addition, make sure to mark the patrols. Dash / Sprint helps a lot with getting through the last two groups before Swamplord.
  • Swamplord Musel'ek - Easy fight, make sure to stand against the walls to avoid being knocked into trash.
  • Bog Overlord - Should be done after Musel'ek. The first one should be fought where Swamplord Musel'ek stands.
  • The Black Stalker - Easy on normal mode, hard on heroic mode. Needs to be nuked down fast or the adds will overwhelm you.

Note: You could kill all Bosses with (2 Druids and 1 Rogue). The only tricky fight was The Beast and General Drakkisath. Our "heal" Druid was balance specced and done some damage too, Killed all Bosses in first try.

Soloable Bosses (lv 60)

A lvl 60 rogue or druid can often solo these.

Blackrock Depths


Stealth Bosses (lv 60)

  • Lord Incendius in BRD
    • Easily done with 1 rogue + 1 druid. Due to a debuff Incendius gives, Fire Resistance gear is near useless.
  • Lethtendris in Dire Maul East
    • Difficult with 1 rogue, doable with 1 druid and 1 rogue.
  • Mother Smolderweb in LBRS
    • Difficult with 1 druid, doable with 1 druid and 1 rogue.
  • Mor Grayhoof (and War Master Voone) in LBRS
    • Difficult with 3 druids, doable with 2 druids and 1 rogue.
  • Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin in LBRS
    • Requires minimum 2 well geared rogues and 1 druid. Vosh'gajin and her 2 priests frog melee attackers and go after the healer. Stuns should be used where possible to prevent frogging. A fast run of Vosh'gajin can take as little as 15-20 minutes.
  • Morphaz in Sunken Temple
    • Very tough for a single rogue, even fully buffed at level 60. Morphaz has a bigger and stronger friend named Hazzas and can't be pulled separately. He's also immune to poisons and stuns. He's fairly easy with two 54+ rogues; take him down fast and then Vanish if necessary. After Hazzas leaves you can loot Morphaz. (This is a fast way to get The Azure Key for rogues that have picked up the quest.) Buffing with a Nature Protection Potion is highly recommended.
  • Razorlash in Maraudon
    • Difficult with 1 rogue or druid, until greater gear is obtained. Easily Doable (level 60), no matter the combination.
  • Princess Theradras in Maraudon
  • Plugger Spazzring in Blackrock Depths bar.
    • Requires Shadowforge key or high level lockpicking by a rogue. Buy beer from Plugger, stand by Dark Iron faction guy, place a beer at your feet. Kill the bar patrons when they come and drink it until plugger stands alone. Shadow and Fire protection potions makes it easy.
  • Pusillin in Dire Maul.
    • Difficult as a rogue or a druid - stealth naked, talk to Pusillin 4 times (and die almost certainly each time). Then he will run upstairs to a platform, where you can talk to him the 5th time (run away quickly). You will be followed by 5 little imps, which you can mill down one by one until (prepare to die once unless you're a really big bear). If you can get him alone, he's a mean fire damage guy, wear FR gear and take a potion. He drops Crescent Key.

Other Stealth Runs

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