Inv staff 20


This item can be acquired through crafting or another combine-type effect.

Materials required
Inv misc gem sapphire 02
1x [Byltan Essence]
Inv stone 02
1x [Imbel Essence]
Inv misc gem amethyst 03
1x [Lahassa Essence]
Inv ore thorium 01
1x [Samha Essence]

This item is provided for Alliance 15 [50] The Morrow Stoneω τ ϖ.

Stave of Equinex as a quest objective

This item is an objective for the following quests:


The four ingredients for this staff seem to be inspired by the names of the four cross-quarter Celtic festivals throughout the year:

  • Byltan / Beltane
  • Imbel / Imbolc
  • Lahassa / Lughnasadh
  • Samha / Samhain

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