A stance is a position that a character can occupy that enables or disables certain abilities. Stances most commonly referred to warrior stances, but could also refer to any modal form or state that restricts class abilities. In macros and some action bar add-ons, a stance also refers to forms that non-warrior classes can take, such as Stealth, Shadowform, and Moonkin Form. "Form" is a synonym for "stance" in macros. They function exactly the same. This should be in the form "stance:<number>; for example "/cast [stance:1] Demoralizing Roar" or "/cast [nostance:1] dash". Also can be combined as in the reset command in /castsequence e.g. "nostance:1/3" where the slash means "OR".

Additionally, "nostance" operates for all non-Warrior classes (since Warriors are always in a stance) as the conditional for your default/humanoid form, or 'stance 0'.

Suitable method: /cast [form:1/3]defensive stance - Warriors always have a stance.

Suitable method: /cast [form:0/1/2,nocombat]flight form - Druids have a no stance number.

Macro Stance Numbers Edit

Questionmark-medium This section concerns content that is potentially inaccurate.
Stance 1 Bear or Dire Bear Stance of the Fierce Tiger Shadowform or
Chakra: Chastise
Stealth Ghost Wolf Battle
Stance 2 Cat Stance of the Wise Serpent Chakra: Sanctuary Shadow Dance or Vanish (Improved Stealth) Defensive
Stance 3 Travel, Flight or Aquatic Stance of the Sturdy Ox Chakra: Serenity Gladiator
Stance 4 Moonkin Spirit of Redemption
Stance 5 Tree
Stance 6

Druid stances have changed considerably in the last couple expansions, with Travel Form encompassing all forms of travel, including Flight, and Tree of Life becoming a Glyph skill.

As such, if you are using Glyph of the Stag (which separates Flight from Travel Form) and/or Tree of Life, it offsets the table a bit, so some trial and error may be required to discover exactly which stance numbers your character uses.

Warrior stances Edit

Icon-stub-22x22 The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft as of Legion-Logo-Small.
Stances for warriors were effectively removed with Legion-Logo-Small Legion.[1]

Pre-Legion Edit

Some warrior abilities required a specific stance. For example, Intercept only worked in Berserker Stance. Changing stance will cause a warrior to lose all their rage. At level 58, warriors can train Stance Mastery from any warrior trainer, which lets them retain 25 rage. This can be further increased by an additional 50 rage with two points in Tactical Mastery. <--(Old Times)

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