The Stagecoach Crash Site

The Stagecoach Crash Site[51.8, 80.8]
is the location of one of two stagecoaches that were successfully ambushed and destroyed by the marauding ogres in the surrounding hills. One was hit directly and careened into Hailwood Marsh, while the other sits tipped upon the main road to Stormglen Village.

The coach carrying player worgen avoid the ambush, but players leave the safety of their stagecoach to assist Liam Greymane, who is concerned with the survival of his people trapped in the Marsh. He also has a devious plan to stall the approaching Forsaken army, using a particular ettin players may remember from the Crowley Stable Grounds.



  • Once players turn in the Exodus quest to Liam, their hearthstones are set to the Crash Site.
  • For those wanting to train first, or those in need of a vendor, the NPCs are present in Stormglen Village[59.8, 91.8]
    , which is about a twenty second walk up the road.

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