Stabled Quel'dorei Steed is a level 80 unicorn mount found at the Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown. [75, 20]
Pointer mount on 32x32 This creature can be mounted.

Quel'dorei SteedEdit

An [Alliance Lance] is required to be equipped to ride and use these abilities:

  1. Inv sword 65  Thrust – 6 yards range - A melee attack that inflicts 3250 damage. (1.5 seconds cooldown)
  2. Ability warrior shieldbreak  Shield-Breaker – 5-25 yards range - A ranged attack that inflicts 2000 damage and removes one layer of Defend from the opponent. (1.5 seconds cooldown)
  3. Ability mount charger  Charge – 5-25 yards range - A charging attack that inflicts 8500 damage and removes 1 layer of Defend from the opponent. (4.5 seconds cooldown)
  4. Ability warrior shieldmastery  Defend – Reduces damage taken by 30%. Strikes by Shield-Breaker or Charge remove 1 layer of Defend! Up to 3 layers of Defend may be stacked. (3 seconds cooldown)
  5. Inv misc food wheat 01  Refresh Mount – Heals your mount. Can only be used out of combat. (1 minute cooldown)
  6. Inv banner 03  Duel – 10 yards range - Challenge another combatant to a mounted duel!.


  • This is the first mount Alliance players use to practice their mounted combat skills, before starting the quest to becoming their own race's champion.
  • Once the journey to becoming a champion is finished this mount can no longer be used.
  • Stabled Quel'dorei Steed literally means stabled high elven[1] horse.[2] Elven horses were described in Day of the Dragon but it is unknown if they are related.

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