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This item is dug from some Loose Dirt found next to Swamplight Manor at Witch Hill in Dustwallow Marsh. [55.4, 26]
It is written by Marg Nighteye.

Spy's Report as a quest item

This item is provided for and is an objective of the following quests:


--Day 13
Troop movement near Theramore has increased. Large numbers of humans left the city and move west, in haste.

--Day 14
More troops leaving the city. I followed a small group and watched them remove their uniforms after leaving bowshot of Theramore. Perhaps they are deserters?

--Day 15
I overheard some Theramore troops talk today of guards leaving their posts. My suspicions of the deserters must be true.

--Day 16
Uleg and Thargil returned from their mission to the Theramore docks. They saw a new ship in port: the Bleeding Sparrow. The ship arrived from Menethil Harbor in Azeroth.

Tomorrow Uleg and Thargil will return to the docks and steal aboard the ship. They hope to find political documents, ones that reveal the relations between Theramore and the Alliance.

--Day 17
Uleg returned from his mission. He failed, and Thargil was captured. I sent Uleg to deliver this report to Nazeer.

I will remain here. I have witnessed increased shipping activity off the coast of Theramore. I will continue my watch and personally report any noteworthy events.

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