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== External links ==
== External links ==
[[ru:Дух (Пандария)]]
[[ru:Дух (Пандария)]]

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A Sprite of Pandaria

Mischievous and prevalent, the nature sprites of Pandaria resemble the prevalent features of their surroundings, like shrubs or rocks. Their appearance allows them to easily hide and engage in their favorite pastime – playing tricks on others for inscrutable reasons. Many forest sprites' pranks – disguising themselves as stools to trip people, or throwing fruit and nuts at wanderers – seem harmless. Mountain spirits' means of interaction tend to have a higher incidence of violence and death, involving rockslides and falls off cliffs.
Rumor has it that more deadly, unique varieties of sprites have emerged in Sha-tainted areas. If sprites' behavior is simply a reflection of the environments that surround them, any such creatures must be monumentally dangerous.[1]

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