Spore walkers (a.k.a. marsh walkers) are feral creatures who have evolved to their present state in Zangarmarsh in Outland. They turn the spores of the marsh into poison to kill their prey and can produce lightning from their appendages to defend themselves. They are distantly related to the spore bat.

Spore walkers are the natural enemies of the sporelings. Although most spore walkers are easily slain, a particularly vicious spore walker by the name of Boglash has eluded death for some time.


It is believed that the spore walkers evolved over time from the simple organisms that dwell within the depths of Zangarmarsh into the more efficient hunting, killing and eating machines that they are today. Utilizing their environment, the spore walkers are able to derive toxins from the spores and fungi of the marsh, which they in turn use to stun or immobilize their prey. When traveling through the marsh, adventurers would be wise to steer clear of these highly accomplished predators.


Similar to that of insects, a queen or mother leads the spore walkers of Zangarmarsh and if the mother were to die a member of her brood will transform to replace her.[1] The Black Stalker is the first known mother of the spore walkers and has been for several centuries.


It's unknown exactly how long a spore walker lives, but the great mother can apparently live for many centuries.

Notable spore walkers


Due to their appearance, they are sometimes known as "tripods", after the mechanical walkers in the H.G. Wells novel The War of the Worlds. For instance they are categorized like this on Petopia. Another is that their abilities are similar to the weapons used by the Martian tripods: lightning/Heat-Ray and spore poison/Black smoke.


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