Spitting spiders are brown, fuzzy spiders that spend most of their time on the ground, though they can climb. Their webs are used only to create egg cases and to wrap dying victims before feeding. Spitting spiders construct "blinds" with webbing, waiting to ambush animals. Several will pop out at once, spray the target, then retreat and wait for the prey to succumb to poison. Spitting spiders may spray poison in a 40-foot line or 20-foot con. This is paralatyc, and causes nausea, with a secondary result of paralysis. Both effects last several minutes, usually enough for the spitting spiders to close on the potential victim. Medium spitting spiders can spray in a 60-foot line or 30-foot cone.[1] Spitting spiders spit jets of acid at their prey. The spit carries poison, just as the spider’s bite does.[2]

They are a kind of forest spider.[1]

They are an example of vermin.[3]

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