• Spirit of Eskhandar
  • +8 Agility
  • Chance on hit: Increases your haste rating by 300 for 5 sec.
    Chance on hit: Slows enemy's movement by 60% and causes them to bleed for 150 damage over 30 sec.
  • Spirit of Eskhandar (2 pieces)
  • [Eskhandar's Right Claw]
    [Eskhandar's Left Claw]
    [Eskhandar's Pelt]
    [Eskhandar's Collar]
  • (2) Set: 1% chance on a melee critical hit to call forth the spirit of Eskhandar to protect you in battle for 2 min.
  • Combined stats.

Forsaken With Spirit of Eskhanadr


Spirit of Eskhandar
Inv misc monsterclaw 04.png
Inv misc monsterclaw 04.png

Previous set items
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Inv belt 12.png


About the Spirit of Eskhandar itself : this little guy actually proc quite often (1% while landing a critical strike). As it can prove to be very handy while farming, it can also be a real danger for its owner. Eskhandar is considered as a "Guardian of" and as such is automatically in aggressive mode, meaning it will attack non-neutral enemy near its owner. Even a AQ20 Buru's egg...

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