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Terokkar Spirit Towers

Spirit tower locations in the Bone Wastes

Spirit Tower

A spirit tower in the Bone Wastes

Auchindoun Spirit Towers TCG

"If one is to acquire Spirit Shards, one must capture each Spirit Tower."

Spirit Towers are the five PvP objectives in the Bone Wastes of southern Terokkar Forest.


Every 6 hours, all 5 spirit towers will become uncontrolled and capturable by standing near the tower until the bar fills in the direction of your side. If there are more players on your side it will move faster.

Once all 5 towers have been captured by a single faction, they will become uncapturable and the Bones Wastes will be considered under the control of the winning faction for 6 hours. While the Bone Wastes are under a faction's control, players of that faction will get the buff "Blessing of Auchindoun" which allows them to loot spirit shards from bosses in Auchindoun.

Quest-givers in Stonebreaker Hold and Allerian Stronghold have quests to take the towers that reward gold and honor.

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