A Spell is the caster's stock-in-trade. Spells are magic incantations or powers conjured up by whatever game mechanism the developers allowed. Supposedly modeled after fantasy, myth and legend, spells have various effects. Spells can do different kinds of damage, or healing. They can also cause beneficial effects (aka buffs) on friendly characters, or harmful effects (aka debuffs) on hostile mobs.

Spells are also used in many different ways depending upon which game one is playing.

Types of spells by class

Types of spells by school

Additional notes
  • All spells have a school that indicates the sphere of effectiveness or resistance.
  • Most spells have a Casting Time that varies depending on the spell. Some spells are Instant Cast, while others are channeled, causing the effect over the entire casting time.
  • Some spells require reagents.
  • Most spells have ranks that indicates a relative effectiveness level.
  • Spell hit chance.
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