A user's depiction of Spectral Sight.

Spectral Sight is a Demon hunter exclusive ability where they ritually blind themselves with the claw of a Demon (or a dagger, each case varies) so that they are enabled to see Demons and Undead with greater clarity.[1] (WC3MP 56) Illidan, being the first Demon Hunter, got his sight from Sargeras himself. Spectral Sight is comprised of a variety of dark and light shadings. Light reflects off of objects allowing the Demon Hunter to navigate unhindered. Beings (namely Fel Users and Demons) shine a radiant assortment of colors making them easy to detect even when disguised.


In World of Warcraft, players can get it by obtaining the [Cursed Vision of Sargeras]. Though this only allows the players to track Demons and Undead on their Mini-map.

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