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BRB (Ghostlands EU)Big Bad Mojos (Jaedenar EU)Blades of Light (Sentinels US)
Blades of Wrath (Icecrown US)Bloodstar (Blackrock US)Casual Gamerz (Sen'jin US)
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Deliverance (Bronzebeard US)Deorum Animae (Silvermoon EU)Distorted (Icecrown US)
Dragon Guard (Grizzly Hills US)Facta Non Verba (Arathor US)Fallen (Cenarius US)
Fellowship of Azeroth (Kargath US)First Generation (Frostwolf US)First Legion (Twisting Nether US)
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Knights of Northrend (Ravencrest US)Knights who say Ni (Icecrown US)La Familia De Stonewall (Proudmoore US)
Lazarus (Bronzebeard EU)Legacy Reborn (Cenarius US)Magnus (Neptulon EU)
Mellonea (Kirin Tor US)Midnight (Mal'Ganis US)Midnight Reveries (The Venture Co US)
Mystic Blade (Laughing Skull US)Natures Wrath (Arathor EU)Neltharions Fury (Kael'thas US)
NvM (Arthas US)NvmOrder of the Rose (Feathermoon US)
Order of the White Tower (Feathermoon US)Paparazzi (Balnazzar EU)Peace Corps (Antonidas US)
Pew PewPhoenix Legacy (Laughing Skull EU)Player Kick (Medivh EU)
Pride of the Alliance (Turalyon EU)
Reflection of Perfection (Quel'Thalas EU)Renewal (Sisters of Elune US)Resurrection (Azgalor US)
Riders of the Storm (Feathermoon US)Rising (Aggramar EU)
Ruin (Kilrogg US)RuneFire (Eitrigg US)Sadface (Malygos US)
Shadow Siege (Muradin US)Singularity (Doomhammer US)SoulBound (Icecrown US)
Spartans (Icecrown US)SquareOne (Bronzebeard US)Storms (Altar of Storms US)
T H U N D E R (Kilrogg EU)The Boomstick Gang (Feathermoon US)The Carved Circle (Earthen Ring EU)
The Dark Hand Covenant (Ner'zhul US)The Gods (Darrowmere US)The Great Squad (Outland EU)
The Rapscallions (Dark Iron US)The Regiment (Feathermoon US)The Threads of Fate (Earthen Ring US)
Trade Spammers (Terenas US)Twilights Fury (Trollbane US)
Until Death Do Us Part (Khadgar US)/LoreValar (Mannoroth EU)Vindication (Moonglade EU)
Violent (Shadowmoon US)Volcano Legion (Neptulon EU)White Kodo Clan (Feathermoon US)/Timeline
Zero Tolerance (Azgalor US)
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