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11:34, July 20, 2010AcidBreath123.jpg (file)250 KBWrathOfDeathfrost 
20:05, May 20, 2010Dream Fog.jpg (file)121 KBWrathOfDeathfrost (A screenshot of so-called "Dream Fog", an ability used by Nightmare Dragons.)
15:46, March 22, 2010NaaruPunch.jpg (file)8 KBWrathOfDeathfrost (A screenshot of a combat log showing how the naaru Xi'ri hits a demon physically. )
15:44, January 27, 2010MechagnomeBlue.jpg (file)75 KBWrathOfDeathfrost (An image of a mechagnome emitting a blue light. This happens to be Gnimo.)
14:24, January 27, 2010MechagnomePurple.jpg (file)165 KBWrathOfDeathfrost (An image of a mechagnome emitting a purple light. Image is taken from
20:56, November 18, 2009Korv.jpg (file)102 KBWrathOfDeathfrost (Korv!)
04:22, October 4, 2009King-Of-Gnomes-On-Mechanostrider.jpg (file)109 KBWrathOfDeathfrost (A screenshot of the npc Gelbin Mekkatorque, king of gnomes, riding a mechanostrider-mount when departing from the tapping-of-the-keg-event during the annual brewfest-holiday. )

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